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We have spent over three months together in prayer, fasting, and discernment regarding what God would have us do in response to our building situation. We gathered as a church on Sunday, November 7 for a congregational meeting, where the elders and deacons made an official recommendation regarding our building. Below you will find a recording of the November 7 congregational meeting.

Written PDF Version of Congregational Meeting -->

A brief summary of the meeting is that the elders and deacons of River City Church are recommending that we:

  1. Sell our entire property to Eaglebrook Church
  2. Replant River City Church in a new location

Here is a video from Pastor Jason Strand of Eaglebrook on why he is excited by this potential transition.

Our current congregation’s size, finances, and vision are no longer congruent with our church building. However, we believe God is doing something special among our people and we are excited to continue that work. We are coming to believe that is a unique providence of God that we have the opportunity to sell our building to another church that will maintain a gospel presence in our location, which will also provide us with the necessary resources to replant in a new location

We believe God is helping us to recapture the pioneering spirit that planted our church 168 years ago, enabling us to invest more energy into the things we value most as a church. Unfortunately our building has become a hindrance to those efforts, and we believe God is freeing us to pursue our mission in a new location. We exist to see weary lives renewed through relationship with Jesus in the Twin Cities and beyond. God is not done with River City Church, and we believe he has an exciting new chapter in store for us.

Even as we rejoice in God’s providence, we also acknowledge the real and genuine grief that this transition will cause in each of us. As you will see in the recording of our meeting, several elders and deacons were feeling that grief as well, even while making the recommendation. As we walk through the next several months, we will hold in tension the dual reality of grief and hope. We are grieving the loss of a place that has been so important to so many, while also remaining hopeful about what God has in store for our church family.

Join us in praying for God’s continued wisdom and guidance. Let us know if you have any feedback and questions.

Upcoming Meetings

Town Hall Meeting | December 12 (in person)

Town Hall Meeting | December 15 (virtual)