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Meet the leadership team.

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Jeremy Adelman

Senior Pastor


Maggie Niemeyer

Director of Worship


Dalton Nowicki

Associate Pastor


Carrie Paulson

Director of Relational Discipleship



Jeremy Adelman

Senior Pastor


Leadership Structure


We are led by a plurality of elders and the elders are responsible for the leadership and teaching of River City Church. It is their privilege to joyfully shepherd the people of our church as they seek the mind of Christ for our church through the ongoing guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Deacons serve our church by assisting the elders in any service that supports and promotes the mission and ministries of our church and the care of our members. Our deacon team is comprised of men and women who love Jesus and have been called to serve River City Church.


The congregation remains the final and necessary authority in our church. We believe in meaningful covenant membership and therefore seek to maintain a regenerate and baptized membership of people committed to our church covenant and statement of faith.


We hire staff to help execute the mission of our church, however, it is a shared mission among all our members. Staff positions will vary based on our vision, need, and finances. Our staff work in partnership with our elders, deacons, and members.