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Our playlist is meant to both encourage you and familiarize you with the songs we sing in worship each Sunday.

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Join us Sundays at 10:00 AM

Come join a welcoming church of people who are growing together in their faith and seeking to love God and one another.

We gather on Sunday mornings at the Ukranian Event Center in NE Minneapolis.

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FAQ about Sunday Mornings

Do I need to dress up?

If you'd like to, sure! However, most people will be wearing business casual or casual attire for our Sunday gathering.

What's the service and sermon like?

Our service begins with singing and the reading of scripture. We then transition to announcements, updates for our church community, and greeting one another.

Our pastors will then preach practically and passionately from scripture. Our sermons are rooted in the Bible and range from topical sermon series to line-by-line preaching through a book of scripture.

Lastly, all believers who have gathered with us are invited to take communion and respond in singing.

Is there childcare?

We provide children's programming for ages 1 - 5 during the entire service. Children through second grade are invited to join our children's programming before the sermon.

We are also supportive of families who choose to keep their children in the service at any age. Like Jesus, we welcome the business and joy that children bring.

Kids older than second grade are asked to join us in our full church service.

Is there a private room for nursing?

We provide a mother & baby room for all babies under 1 year old. This is in our worship hall, so you won't miss a thing if you need to step away to help your little one.

Will there be food?

Here at River City, we love food. We believe that meals are one of the best ways to share life and fellowship together. On Sunday mornings, we provide coffee and pastries (gf options available) and have occasional meals together throughout the year.

‎What if this is my first time at church...ever?

Welcome. It is our aim to welcome all who are weary and need rest. We are pursuing Jesus together and believe that He is the only true source of rest and peace in this broken and chaotic world. If this is a brand new concept to you, we would be delighted to introduce you to Jesus and explore your questions together.