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What does this mean for you? For us? For our city?

We live in a weary and tired world, and we are weary and tired people. Our lives are busy, hectic, loud, and far too often we turn to the world for answers and peace. Unfortunately, we so often return more broken than before. Here at River City, it is our aim to come to the table with our burdens and aches, and look to Christ for peace and comfort - together. We make no promises of being a perfect people or having all the answers, but we are seeking the Lord together, and he is making us new day by day. So we go back to the well that does not run dry, and find water that will satisfy our soul.

The gospel of Jesus offers us this very hope - that we can come broken and be made whole. We can come dead and be made alive. We can come weary and be renewed. We gather together as a people every week to pursue this mission. Not only do we want to see our own people thrive, but we are passionate about the good of our neighbors in Minneapolis and St Paul. We have been pursuing this mission in the Twin Cities since 1853, and this kingdom work continues to this day.