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October 3, 2021

Making a Home

Jesus invites weary sinners to find rest for our souls in him. We remind ourselves of that a lot here at River City Church, and sometimes its significance can erode because it becomes too familiar. However, these words need not become stale. We want you to be well acquainted with these words - more like the comfort and intimacy of a secure home and less like a taken-for-granted and commonplace item.

Imagine a home where the walkways are well worn, where people are truly known, and deep love is continually exchanged. That would be a home that becomes familiar, but not in a way that is stale and discarded. We want the words of Jesus to be heard and received like coming home. These words will become well worn and often repeated at River City, and in them we want you to know the comfort and intimacy of being truly loved and deeply known by your savior.

We do not wield these words of Jesus as another therapy for the narcissistic and self-focused cultural moment in which we live. Jesus doesn’t offer himself as one more therapeutic option to try, as if you need to decide between yoga or Jesus. He doesn’t just want to be your therapy when you feel weary, but he calls you to come home in him as your eternal Lord. His offer is a yoke that is easy, and rest for your soul that is deep and nourishing.

We want Jesus’ words to become familiar in a way that helps us see that our soul is truly at rest in Jesus because that is where we belong. When we are at rest in him, it is like coming home. Come find rest for your soul in Jesus.

Jeremy Adelman

Senior Pastor

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